Shipping Policy

Please note: due to the continued escalation of the cost of packaging material and the amount of specialized packaging material required to successfully ship our glass sheets, as of March 1, 2023 we will be instituting a minimum order of at least 3 sheets of glass.

During this transition orders placed through March 31, 2023 with 2 sheets of glass will continue to be filled, however orders with a single sheet will be cancelled and refunded.

Starting April 1, 2023 the minimum order for art glass with be 3 sheets - either 3 @ 6" x 12" sheets, or 3 @ 8" x 12" sheets or 3 @ 12" x 12" sheets or 3 sheets in any mix of the those sizes. Orders for fewer than 3 sheets will be cancelled and refunded.

There we continue to be NO MINIMUM order for non-sheet glass supplies.

Stained Glass For Less is known for its quick fulfillment and fast service. Orders placed on weekdays are typically shipped the following day. Orders placed late Friday and over the weekend are typically shipped the following Monday. Orders placed on a holiday are typically shipped on the following business day.

The cost of shipping is not included in any of the prices unless expressly indicated. All shipping and delivery charges are to be paid by the customer FOB our warehouse in WPB, Florida. Shipping charges are based on package dimensions, weight and distance traveled. We currently ship through USPS and FedEx.

You can obtain an instant shipping quote for the items in your shopping cart as follows:

  1. Add items to your cart. A green bar will appear at the top of the page indicating that an item has been successfully added to your shopping cart.
  2. On that same green bar you can click "view your cart". This action will open your shopping cart. Near the bottom of the page, above the blue "checkout" icon you will see + CALCULATE SHIPPING in blue. Click that field.
  3. This action will open a small window prompting you to enter your country - the United States in the default choice - your State/Province and your Zip/Postal Code. Complete those fields and click the ESTIMATE SHIPPING bar.
  4. The shipping app will return a variety of quotes from the USPS and FedEx. The shipping quotes are ranked in order from least expensive to more expensive. Then click your desired method of shipping.
  5. You can add and delete items in your cart and repeat the above steps to get an updated quote at any time.