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System 96® OpalArt™

Hypnotic Opal Art System96 fusing glass at Stained Glass For Less! We offer over 80 varieties, colors and styles of fusible glass online and in-store. Fast service with low cost and free shipping options.

We stock dozens of System 96® products from colorful fusing glass sheets to fusing glass supplies. OpalArt™ is an amazing addition to the System 96® family. A stunning, hypnotic effect is created when different colored glasses are stirred together onto a glowing opalescent base. The resulting swirling, twirling bands of color are as unique as they are magnificent and every sheet is slightly different! OpalArt™ is a Spectrum Glass Company exclusive that is always expanding, so come back often and see what they have come up with.

Over the past decade fusing has exploded in popularity. This popularity is driven by the growing access to superior and affordable materials. Leading the charge is the System 96® family of fusing products.

System 96® products are formulated and "Tested Compatible" for fusing, slumping and other hot glass art forms. System 96® offers a full palette of colors and has become the standard for predictable and affordable results. Stained Glass For Less is PROUD to carry and feature the System 96® family of products.